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Intuitive Coaching.

Spiritual Medium Readings.

Transformational Healing.

In Person and Over the Phone and Zoom. 

Two divorces, the death of my parents, a cross country move, and the loss of several friends and family members have all served to alter me in big ways. But, I didn't see it that way at first. First, there's grief. Then, there's transformation.

Sometimes we are forced to to change. Other times, we need to change. Being forced is "easier" because we are--well, we're being forced. Knowing that we need to change and not knowing how to move forward out of our own "stuckness" is no fun. 

Through intuitive readings, coaching, Reiki energy healings, and/or yoga therapy, Nancy will help your heart and expand your mind. Perhaps you’ll even have the gates of your world thrown open to new opportunities, new awareness, and, most of all, transformation.