Nancy Shobe - The "Spirited" Filly™ 

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My big transformation began...

     Two weeks before my father died.

     I had a lucid dream. My father came to me and told me it was time for him to die.

    Dad and I were soul mates in this incarnation and even though he had been sick for years, I had difficulty considering a life without him. During the last six months before his death, I had started to prepare myself for his death.

     In my dream, I said, "Dad, I am finally ready to let you go. Thank you for being such an amazing dad. I am so fortunate to have had you as my father and am so grateful to you."

    I had finally curbed my selfishness about keeping him here and was ready to release him.

    "Thank you," he said, "Whenever you see the compass, please pay attention, because it will be my sign that I am guiding you." 

     Weeks after my father died, I spoke with a medium. It wasn't the first time I had spoken with one, but it was a very important session for me. The anxiety around losing my father had built into a wellspring of grief. It was incredibly healing to hear my father's name and his message for me and to know that he was doing well on the other side. Talking with the medium made me feel as if I was sitting right next to my Dad having a conversation with him. The conversation did much to heal my grief around no longer having my father here.

     It was then, or perhaps soon after, that I decided I would begin to work on my own intuitive gifts. Since childhood, I had been receiving messages, mostly through dreams, from deceased family members and friends. I had to learn the courage to relay the message to the recipient. And, I had to learn to clear my own "stuff" to be a clear conduit of information.

    Fast forward nearly eight years--summer 2013. My daughter son-in-law and one-year old granddaughter lived near me. My mother lived in Michigan and had not yet met her great-grandchild. When my daughter received a work opportunity in Michigan for a few weeks, I said, "We are all heading back to so Mom can meet her first great-grandchild."

     I leased a summer house on a lake that ended up not being up to par. Our first night in Michigan was spent in a hotel in a city where I stayed up almost all night frantically searching for new accommodations. I called my Mom and said things looked grim, and promised that I would find something. She offered to stay at home (home was three hours away), but I said no way. We had flown here to meet her great-grandchild and I was going to have her meet her. And, I was determined to replicate the summer lake house experience that I had in childhood.

     Finally, at 3 a.m.,  I discovered a small resort on a nearby lake that seemed to have three rooms left.

     I called the resort at 8 a.m. when it opened and asked if it was true that the rooms were still available. Yes, they were, the reservationist said. My heart skipped a beat. I immediately booked the rooms and excitedly called my Mom and told her about the change of plans. The vacation at the summer house was back in place. Woo hoo!

     We packed our things in the hotel and made for the resort. It was beautiful. Everything it had seemed online. A beautiful lake. A majestic white-washed resort in grand Michigan style.

     As we unloaded our luggage from the car, I said I would go ahead in and check-in.

    As I swung up the doors into the lobby, I looked at the floor. Embedded into the floor was a 4' round brass compass.

    At the moment, I knew that Dad had divinely guided me to the resort. What I didn't know until eight months later, was that it would be the last vacation that we would ever have with Mom. Mom became gravely ill in January 2014 and died three months later.

   That was the final moment that I knew I could no longer ignore my dreams, messages or intuitions. It was time to go deeper and go public with my messages.

Nancy began her career in Chicago as an advertising copywriter. After the Windy City blew her west to California, she became a national award-winning nonprofit fundraiser in southern California for 23 years. She earned her M.A. in Psychology in 2001 and became a Certified Yoga Therapist with 500 hours and a member of Yoga Alliance. She earned her Reiki II certification in 2015 and has done a three-year study of Death, Dying and Afterlife with William Peters, founder of the Shared Crossing Project She also attended a grieving workshop with internationally-recognized author and grief specialist David Kessler.

In addition to her professional career and training, Nancy is a professional journalist, published author, screenwriter and photographer.