"You have been on my mind since I saw you a few Sundays back...I want to thank you for a magical session. I'm still laughing about my grandma and her nails!." - George, Los Angeles

"I had the immense pleasure of getting a reading from Nancy. I’ve had quite a few readings from others, but with her, I felt a deep and personal connection. She not only was able to communicate with my deceased loved ones (and give precise detail from and about them), she was also able to pick up and harness the main issue in my life at that moment. She aided me with insight given from Spirit (and she knew EXACTLY what was going on…no leading questions and straight to the point but with empathy and a gentle and deeply satisfying understanding). I was gifted immense clarity, acknowledgement and a whole new way of grasping life’s obstacles that surround me and help me to grow and evolve. Nancy is such a grounded, calming and caring woman who also happens to have an immense gift of intuition…I can’t wait for my next visit with her.” - Alison, Santa Barbara

I cannot be wait until our next session! Thank you for delivering such a beautiful message to me. What a way to welcome in a new season with clarity, insight and a knowing that my path is being made clear. 🙏🏼 - Arianna, Santa Barbara

Thank you for your time today you really nailed several things I needed to hear. You are a special soul. I really hope you write that book. It will be a good platform but, more importantly, it will be a good gift to so many.- Thomas, Santa Barbara

“I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your guidance and wisdom…You are a hugely influential soul in my journey of self discovery. so much love for you. I feel like you instilled this feminine wisdom and compassion in me that I have sought out for a long time.” - Georgina, Massachusetts

"My session with Nancy has proven to be more beneficial than I ever could have imagined. I must say that I'm truly and absolutely transformed. She brought through a very important person on the other side that I missed terribly. She also gave me hope for better tomorrow and opened the door to many opportunities that I have but didn't quite understand. Now I'm on the right path :). I've needed someone like her for a very long time."  - Justyna - Los Angeles

"Thank you so much. Your message has been very powerful in this challenging times. Thank you, thank you. 💜🙏🏻" Isabel - Columbia

    "Nancy’s gift is very difficult to describe. Every time we hear what she has to say, we are beyond amazed - how does she know all this?!? That’s impossible! We credit her for our biggest life change in the recent year. We were dreaming and hoping for some changes, but had no guts to do so. Seeing her, definitely gave us the strength and courage. She confirmed everything we already knew and felt inside, and gave us the final push. Not to mention that we received many interesting pointers that we would never have thought of on our own. Could not be happier with the reading and ultimately our life change. We feel so blessed that we met her on our path.” - Iza and Sanjiv - Palm Springs

"First of all, I would like to thank you, dear Nancy, for the deep Intuitive session. You have not only  helped me to get back on my path but also helped me understand my needs and wants and paved the way for a new me. It was a blast talking to you and I highly recommend you as an Intuitive partner. I’m already looking forward to seeing you in a couple of years again. You are amazing!" - Camilla, Germany

    "I have been reflecting on our session and feel the touch of clarity and support from the universe! You have a gift...I have recommended you to many already!" - Haley, Santa Barbara 

    "My intuitive session with Nancy blew me away. She was perceptive, honest, and spot-on. She helped me see relationships with my significant other and my now-deceased parents in new and revealing ways and gave me a deeper understanding of my own needs and wants, as well as patterns that have been holding me back. I highly recommend her—she has a great gift." - Marcia Meier - Santa Barbara

     "Nancy Shobe is a true vessel of the spirit world. Loved ones who have passed speak to her and she repeats their messages or images to us (in their words and visuals, not hers). She sees colors of our angels, hears unique messages in the signature words of the deceased and sees specific imagery representing particular passions from those who have passed on, solidifying the integrity of her connections. She has many approaches and one medium experience is a deep, relaxing inner journey alongside trance-like rhythmic drumming that can elicit messages, mind images, spirit animals, colors, and visits from loved ones from the spirit world. If you are trying to connect and find guidance from beyond, I recommend Nancy to lead your loved ones to you, as only she can do." - Margaux - Santa Ynez 

“Nancy opened my mind to my sensibilities and welcomed me with peace and grace. I look forward to our next meeting with a full heart!" - Alice, Santa Barbara

"My reading with Nancy provided insight and inspiration at a point in my life when I was feeling restless and "stuck". Her warm, gracious manner made me immediately comfortable and she shared my message in a clear, down-to-earth manner. Her words resonated with me and made me feel energized, supported and better able to tackle some major life decisions. I am grateful to have found such a great resource and I am looking forward to following-up and moving ahead on my personal journey." - Sandra, Santa Barbara

Nancy blows me away. She is so able to hear what’s happening well beyond what is available to the eye. I am so grateful for her ability to tune into to hear what I can’t, and to be able to support me in seeing new ways of looking at how to move forward. I trust her implicitly. She is truly gifted. Thank you Nancy! -Suzy, Santa Barbara

My daughter had a reading with Nancy and tape recorded the session playing it back for us when she returned home.  I am a skeptic by nature and was flabbergasted that Nancy was able to provide the first name of a person in my daughter's life with whom she was having an issue.  There is no way that Nancy could know this information.  Entirely intrigued,  I booked an appointment with Nancy and stayed well past my allotted half hour while she made contact with my deceased parents and was able to name my father by his first name.  Absolutely mind-blowing.  Nancy's ability to translate from the other side in a positive and loving way is a true gift and assures her clients that they are not alone in this world and that we all have others looking out for us.  I am so very glad I found her and will continue to call on her gifts when in need. - Stephanie, Santa Barbara

If ya'll have not yet had a chance to get a reading from Nancy, do go for it. I had a reading on Mothers Day and it really helped me gain insight into so much, mainly mother daughter roles. Nancy is awesome! - S., Santa Barbara