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Spiritual Medium/Transformational Coach Readings at PuraLuna Apothecary

It’s all about love--to feel the love, to move through life with love, and to love ourselves unconditionally. Love heals grief. It is the highest vibration. Nancy, a spiritual medium/transformational coach, tunes in for heart-full messages from your loved ones on the other side. 

Nancy has studied with one of Great Britain’s top evidential mediums and spiritual educators Mavis Pittilla and also prominent U.S. based psychic mediums. She has conducted an intensive four-year study of dying, death and afterlife, including attending workshops with grief specialist David Kessler, Shared Crossing Founder William Peters, and Visiting Nurse and Hospice Association and Hospice of Santa Barbara.

To book an appointment, call PuraLuna Apothecary at 805.450.2484 or email