reiki & Yoga Therapist. 

International Author, photographer & SPEAKER.


About nancy

          Perhaps it was because of her near death experience when falling through the ice at six-years old that Nancy learned the importance of living life to its fullest, being in joy and owning one's creative power.

         After her near-death experience, Nancy started crafting stories about her life on her father's drafting board. She illustrated them, bound them and sold them in the neighborhood. In college, her words began to be published. After college, she added the camera into her toolbox for creativity discovery. Her photographs started appearing in galleries.

          As her creativity grew, so did her intuition. Dreams began coming to her--vivid dreams about deceased people and the messages they had for loved ones.  When Nancy shared the dreams and the messages, she realized the profound effect they had on surviving loved ones.

         A master's degree in psychology, a 25-year award-winning fundraising career, a 1000+ hour therapeutic yoga training, life-beyond-death workshops with nationally-known William Peters, grief workshops with David Kessler, and intuitive training with internationally-renowned mediums enabled Nancy to escalate her professionalism and skills into dynamic, successful transformative coaching.

          Through her encouragement, inspirational messages and light-hearted humor, Nancy has helped many transform their lives into ones filled with joy, love, peace and harmony.


Saddle up for your transformation with an intuitive coaching/consulting session with Nancy.

   Discover what "the other side" has to communicate to you and what you need to discover from your higher self.

Spurs-On Introductory Session - $165

                           A spirited 90-minute Intuitive Consulting/Coaching Session (to see if it's an energetic match). 

Spirited Filly Intuitive Consulting/Coaching - $145

                              A spirited 50-minute  Intuitive Consulting/Coaching Session. Local sessions are held in private residence.              

Spirited Filly Consulting/Reiki & Yoga Therapy - $195

                    A spirited 90-minute Intuitive Consulting/Coaching that combines intuitive consulting/coaching with Reiki/Yoga Therapy.                  Local sessions are held in a private residence.

Trail Blazers 10-Meeting Session Deal - $1,250

Once you know your hitched and your giddy-up is going, lasso this deal of ten 50-minute sessions.

Customize-Your-Ride Session

      Have something unique in mind? Work with Nancy to create your own unique package.

Group Sessions

There's nothing quite like being in a round-up and having everyone tuning in at the same time. Nancy leads YogaWrite workshops, retreats, and tele-classes. Learn more about what is currently being offered.