Seeing the Light Before the Accident


Jack* asked to speak with me and I was honored to do so.  During a serious vehicle accident months prior, he had an out-of-body experience (OBE). Having never experienced an OBE before, he didn't quite know how to process what he saw. When he tried speaking to family members about the experience, no one knew how to respond. So, a friend suggested that he speak with me.

Having a near death experience can leave you feeling very out of sorts, especially if you don't have someone to talk to who understands the experience firsthand.

According to Jack, his accident happened on his his way home from work. He was approaching a stop sign that intersected the frontage road on which he was driving with the freeway on-ramp. Normally, he would have stopped at the sign, yielded to oncoming traffic, and then made a left onto the freeway.

But, this time he didn't stop. Instead, he drove through the stop sign and head-on into a large SUV.

Before the impact, John saw a flash of white light. He remembers thinking, well, you really did it this time. . . you're probably not going to walk away from this. Then, he went unconscious.

The next thing he knew, he was in the hospital, floating above his body, watching four pairs of blue-gloved hands frantically ripping off his pants to free the fabric from his badly crushed leg.

Jack said,"I was actually looking down on them, not across at them like I should have been because I was lying on a gurney. It just didn't make sense to me."

According to some near death experiencer accounts, souls often leave a body before an accident, major impact or near death so that the soul doesn't suffer physical pain. And, many experiencers tell of the same experience Jack had, of"floating" above their body while watching the medical professionals work on them.

I shared with Jack s story a co-worker at the Music Center in Los Angeles told me over 32 years ago. She said she nearly died while giving birth to her daughter. When she started to hemorrhage, she remembered peacefully floating up and away from her body that was lying in a hospital bed, down the hallway of the hospital, out the back door and into an outside private garden. When she became conscious, again, she told the medical personnel she had left her body. They didn't believe her. It wasn't until she described the garden that she had never seen in minute detail that they realized that something had to have happened.

Jack's still befuddled as to why he didn't stop at the stop sign. "I saw it," he said, "but, it was if something propelled me forward right through the sign and smack into the SUV."

Could his accident have been fated?

During some past life regressions, people in-between lives have explained that before they came into their body in this lifetime, there was a "set plan". Melissa Olson, Bob Olson's (Afterlife TV) wife, said on a broadcast of her past life regression on the Afterlife TV website, that her cancer in this lifetime had been pre-determined. What was it's purpose, the regressionist asked? Melissa said it was to teach her strength.

Was Jack's accident divinely predetermined to teach Jack something?

All we know for sure is that Jack has months of rehabilitation and recovery in front of him. The medical professionals saved Jack's life but could not save his leg.

I wish Jack much strength and peace during his recovery and wish for him a deep understanding and awareness of his near-death experience as he moves forward. I also thank him for his candor, authenticity and curiosity to ask the hard questions and tell the difficult story of his accident.