The Freedom to Ask

"You have horse energy," said a spiritual friend when I ran into her at a local art gallery.

"Horse energy?" I replied with a laugh. "I've been told that many times but I don't know exactly what that means."

As a child, I was certainly accused of horsing around . . . oh, boy, was I accused of horsing around. (I do have yellow in my aura, after all) and, I have always had a fascination for and been drawn to horses, but horse energy? 

According to spiritual text, horse energy means a passion for freedom, unbridled enthusiasm for life, a life filled with new journeys, and someone with a friendly and adventurous soul. It also says that someone with horse energy has the motivation to get through anything.

The motivation to get through anything--well, that certainly pertains to me.

Just like everyone, I've had my life challenges...a near death experience, two divorces, illness, career changes...you name it.

And, it took many challenges for me to realize the power of NOT having to go it alone.  

I grew up thinking I could and had to shoulder everything--like a warrior I had to be strong, uncomplaining and stalwart. Noble traits--for sure--and ones that I can't deny make life easier for those around you. I took on everything--not only my problems but others. And, then on my 50th birthday, I awoke with a frozen shoulder. No wonder. My shoulders were tired.

And, that's when I learned that I needed to fae things in a new way--in a way that was kinder to myself. More focus on what fed me instead of what just fed others. I realized I needed to take care of myself, take time to write, take time to move, and take time to just sit in quiet and breathe.  

I also learned that it is okay and perfectly right to ask for help, help from everyone on this side and beyond the veil.

I was, again, reminded of this recently when a friend was facing a health challenge. When the doctors couldn't figure out what was going on yet she was still ill, I sat at her bedside and prayed. I prayed because I loved her dearly and all of my mechanisms to help her had failed. I found her the best doctors but they couldn't diagnose it. I discovered the latest research but the treatments weren't working. I sent her to healers but they couldn't heal her.

So, I began to pray. And, I prayed and prayed. I asked for divine healing from God and angels. I asked for her ancestors to step forward and help. I asked for help.

Over time, she progressively healed. No one really knows why. So, I attribute to the power of the "other side" and also the power of "this side.  

Many friends forward and offered her help--food, conversation, and prayers. Even though she is surrounded by nonreligious group of friends, many including her in prayer circles. 

Some cast judgement and walked away. Some closed off their hearts and walked away. But, the majority stepped forward and helped.

Through it all, I was again reminded of one of the lessons I am here to learn.